Amazon River Cruise Package with Iberostar Gran Amazon

The fascination of traveling to the Amazon is getting to know the abundant wildlife that exists in the midst of nature. Discovering the beauties of the Amazon aboard this luxurious and comfortable ship during a cruise on the Iberostar Gran Amazon is a special experience. The best part of this trip through the Amazon are the walks in the middle of nature. Departing from Manaus, the itineraries by the Rio Solimões and the Rio Negro, enjoy activities on Lake Jacaré, boat trips and forest walks in the area of ​​Lake Janauarí, photographic safari in the region of Rio Cuieiras, visits in the area of ​​Novo Airão and time free on the beaches of Rio Negro, in addition to observing the spectacular Encontro das Águas. The Amazon cruise includes an extensive leisure program with excursions, dance classes, fishing, live music, themed shows and boat trips through the lakes, igapós and streams of the Amazon. The Iberostar Gran Amazon ship, dedicated to this region, has 74 cabins, all external and equipped with a private bathroom to ensure maximum comfort during your cruise trip on the Amazon.