Honeymoon Package at Kiaroa Resort

Kiaroa Resort is predestined for a Honeymoon of Romance:

Legend has it that many moons ago, the Saquaíra Indian and the Maraú Indian lived in love and happiness until the Camamu Indian appeared conquering Saquaíra and taking her away in his canoe. Desperate, Maraú asked the God Tupã to beautify the place so that his love would return, but, despite being answered, the beautiful Indian never returned. Before dying, Maraú made a special request to Tupã: that all couples who met in the place where he lived with his beloved or who traveled there, never separate. Kiaroa exists exactly where Tupã spilled its glories. The setting could not be more complicit: the forest, the deserted beach, the coconut trees, the compromising silence, the cozy accommodations with special decoration will be the environment for the honeymoon of your dreams. This paradisiacal and romantic Resort is located in an ecological sanctuary on the Maraú Peninsula, Bahia, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, inserted between the Atlantic Ocean and Camamu Bay. The village of Barra Grande, the main town on the peninsula with approximately 3000 inhabitants, is a haven of tranquility and is just 10 minutes from Kiaroa Resort. Kiaroa Resort’s suites and bungalows offer sophisticated, cozy accommodation in intimate contact with nature, ideal for unforgettable moments for two. SPA, gourmet cuisine and a series of romantic activities surrounded by luxury, comfort and privacy complete your Honeymoon at Kiaroa Resort. Private air transfer from Salvador available.